Habanero Sea Salt, Gourmet Spicy Cocktail Salt


Bloody Gerry Gourmet Habanero Sea Salt is undoubtedly more than just cocktail rimming salt. With the flavorful and spicy Habanero Peppers, this salt adds a kick of heat as well as a punch of flavor to any dish, dip or dressing.

How spicy do you like your cocktails? After asking fans what else they wanted to experience from Bloody Gerry, we quickly learned SPICY was what everyone wanted. There were a lot of great suggestions but mostly, people wanted to be in control of their own spice level. So we created a product that does just that.

After months of consuming copious amounts of salt, we have finally crafted the most delicious and flavorful Habanero Sea Salt. We put this salt on EVERYTHING, not just cocktails.