To apply, follow these simple steps...

  • You can apply ONLINE - unionmarketmankato.com (online application coming soon)
  • IN PERSON - 615 S Front St. Mankato, MN 56001. Monday - Friday 11-530, Saturday & Sunday 11-4
  • OR OVER EMAIL - hello@unionmarketmankato.com


Here’s what we need from vendors (for event info… scroll down):

  • Brand Name
  • Facebook / Instagram
  • Business email address
  • EIN Tax-ID number
  • Website, if you have one.
  • A copy of your business insurance plan, if you have one.

We’d like to get to know you more! Please send us a few sentences of your personal story / your bio. Here’s a few helpful starter questions...

  • How did you get started?
  • How has your community helped or motivated you?
  • What's your favorite music, meal, or self-care routine?
  • Best advice or quote?
  • Do you have a favorite trend or maybe one you’re not so fond of?
  • When you find yourself struggling, how do you get out of your rut?
  • Do you have volunteer work you’d like to share?

Please also send us your brand story. A couple of thoughts here...

  • Do you have a tagline?
  • Have you nailed the classic elevator pitch?
  • What inspired you to get started - or what inspires you creatively?
  • Environment / travel / material?
  • What product, event, or experience are you proud of?
  • How do you make your customer feel special?
  • What's your pump-up routine?
  • The best business decision you made?
  • Advice for your last-year self?

If you have a pic of yourself - as the owner - we’d love for you to send it over. If you need a headshot, we can take one of you here at the market. Also, If you have a few product shots, send those onward! Be sure to note any credits.

What else do we need from you?
Be an active part of the market, direct your shoppers to discover Union Market. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool, tried and true. We will all grow, thrive and expand alongside one another. Host a happy hour, give an artist talk, teach a class. All the baby steps help. We are a community!


Teach a class, series, workshop, or seminar. Have a pop-up. Do a photoshoot. Plan a movie night, or throw a private party. (Wine tasting and private shopping night, anyone?)

Booking is via hello@unionmarketmankato.com.

Let us know your...

  • DATE
  • TIME

Reservations are made first come first served. If you have a friend or colleague who is interested in hosting an event, please refer them to the Market for booking. You are not allowed to reserve the space on behalf of another party.

All brands at the market each have 8 hours / month for events and meetings available free of charge. Hours cannot be carried over from month to month. Private parties may only be reserved outside of regular business hours. Private meetings may be reserved within regular business hours. Reservations must be made 1 week in advance.

When you make a reservation, the spaces are “as is” and you need to include time to set-up and tear-down within the booked time.

We practice safe-distancing so our max capacity is reduced. Our new capacity is 55 persons in total. Staff will be on site.

Rooms and Spaces: You may book more than one at a time.

Occupancy numbers are based on safe distancing within the space available.

  • Work tables for a class, 18 persons
  • Photoshoot or projected film, 18 persons
  • Pop-ups should be during open hours or a buffer of one hour before/after, 50 persons


  • 0-3 hours $59 total
  • Half day : 4-6 hours : $99

Only reservations with a 50% deposit may be confirmed.

Link events to our Facebook or URL so your guests know where we are on the map! There is plenty of free street parking, and a ramp is nearby. Walgreens lot is not available for Union Market events.